Day of Love


2 months already??

  It's funny how when he has a fussy moment all I could ask for is silence, but that as soon as he is asleep I'm worried because it's "too quiet".  Or that I wake up and all I want from the day are a few smiles, a couple giggles, and a lot of snuggle time.  Yes, my whole perception about life has changed and it's all thanks to this Mommy business.  Can't Believe is has been 2 months...time flies when you get to spend everyday with such a CUTIE.



2010 was a big year for us full of MANY changes and MANY blessings!  
Highlights of our 2010 include... 
a lovely cruise to central america, 
finding out we were pregnant, 
moving to Arizona, 
getting a new roomie- Dal Boy
Bo graduating, 
fun trip to Lake Tahoe,  
Bo quickly finding a job, 
buying our first home
 little Cooper joining our family on Nov 23rd, 
We've been so blessed and are loving life!