Day of Love


My Not-So-Mini Coop turns 1 in HAWAII

The day before Thanksgiving our little guy turned 1- yes, still a shocking idea to me that I have a 1 year old!  When I was planning what to do for the big day I had a lot of cute ideas in mind (thank you Pintrest) but my Dad had an even better one.  He thought it would be perfect to celebrate in HAWAII, and obviously I'm not gonna argue with that one.  Added bonus was that we got to visit Kerriann! So thank you to my beyond gracious father who treated us to the ENTIRE trip so we could have such a memorable day with Coop. Love you Dad!

We all  had a blast on our vacation.  Cooper loved the beach, he is his mothers child, and as a true boy didn't mind having the sand all over him. We indulged in coconut shrimp (Kuhuku grill- a must try!), doughnuts and pies from the oh so delish Ted's Bakery, and of course had plenty of shaved ice! 

On his actual birthday we went on a tour of Kualoa Ranch and saw where Jurassic Park, Lost, 50 Firsts Dates, and lots of other films/series were filmed.  It was beautiful and neat to be like "oh ya I remember that from the movie". Way cool!  Then we headed to the beach and on the way home Coop fell asleep.  I thought it was just a nap, but he ended up sleeping the rest of the night.  So we all celebrated without him, and I got a picture of me holding the cake by him sleeping in his crib. Oh great memories!  

I absolutely LOVE this little man and I truly do love him more and more every day.  He came with his own little personality and I love that it unfolds more and more every day.  He is a goer and never stops moving, 
he is curious about everything, 
he is a flirt and smiles at anyone that will look at him, 
he's a social bug and is always chasing other kids around, 
and most of all is a chubby ball of fun- always smiling and laughing.  
I love you Cooper, you'll always be my little man.

Our little fam  
Please don't mind my weird look, I scratched my cornea and was sensitive to light:)


yes, I think I like it

oh yeah!

 I had a little party for him at home with the cousins

With cousin Jane and Popi

knocked out at the beach

Bo really got into sand sculpting

Coop makes this face often and I love it!

Playing in the waves

Laying out and loving it!

More sand sculpting

Dallin got into it too

Birthday morning

At Kualoa Ranch

This is the spot where Bo proposed to me 4 yrs ago.  

Showing off his 1sie Grandma made for his b-day

His newest cheesy smile