Day of Love


Valentines Day in the Emergency Room

Valentine’s Day was special in a different way for our little family this year as it was spent in the E.R.  Yes, 7 lovely hours just sitting waiting to see the Doc.  

Cooper started getting sick 2 weeks ago and the pediatrician’s office told me not to come in that he had “croup” and it would get better soon.  Well it didn’t, and Sunday night he got even worse.  Valentine’s morning he was throwing up because he was coughing so hard- my poor Mr. L- so I called the Dr., “we’re completely full,” they told me, “your kid’s not the only one who is sick”. Oh how comforting, I don’t care lady my child MUST get in today.  So reluctantly she gave me an appointment for 3pm.  Well at 11am Cooper’s little face started turning blueish gray around his mouth- this was obviously bad, no time to wait for our appointment at 3 so away to the E.R. we went.  Luckily my cute hubby decided to surprise me and work a half day so we could spend Valentine’s together- so sweet of him J- but little did he know he would just be sitting with me at the hospital. 

So 7 hours later we  FINALLY left the hospital with a nebulizer in hand.  Our poor Mr. Cooper has RSV.

Valentines Day did not go as planned but I’m so happy to know what’s wrong with my baby and am ready to love him back to health.

Here are some updated pics of the fellow.  Oh and he turned 12 weeks today and weighs 15lbs 1 oz.  Yes he is his father’s son!

Love his eyes in this one

Look at that belly 

 Grandpa, Grandma, Dallin, Jane, and Cooper at Denver's basketball game

Lovin his bumbo

Holding his first football- Dad is SO proud