Day of Love


My New Love

My luv muffin surprised me with this little beauty

This is the first piano I have ever owned and am SO SO ecstatic about it!  

The day I got it I wasn't expecting it at all.  The doorbell rang so I answered it, and in front of me stood a man holding a piano bench and asked me where he would like me to put it.  As I was just about to explain that sadly he was at the wrong house, Bo popped out and told him where to put it.  I just stood there staring and started shaking as I realized what was truly happening.  I have been waiting for this day for a LONG LONG time.  As I played it for the first time I had tears streaming down my face and just cried. 

These were tears of JOY because I knew I could now have fingers that were tired from playing my favorite pieces, a place where I can surge all my emotions, and most importantly- a house full of music.  I am so excited to be able to teach my children to play, have family sing -a- longs, and invite the spirit of peace into my home with music.  


Happy Birthday Bo!

Can you believe my hunny buns turned 25 last week?  How has time flown by this quickly?? His very first birthday we celebrated together he was turning 18...and now we celebrated the big QUARTER CENTURY!  WOW we are getting old!! 

Since his birthday was on a Monday, we felt it was necessary to celebrate all weekend long. We did the birthday shop, went out to eat, went swimming, ate more yummy food, and had parties with both families.  

I love my Bo.  He has the biggest heart and is one of the sweetest people I know.  He is so selfless and treats me like Gold.  I love how happy he makes me and how he is always keeping me smiling. I truly am so BLESSED to have married such a GREAT guy. Bo, I love you forever!

Cheezy Smile

Buddha Cake- it's just a RANDOM tradition

Cooper having fun at the party